Crossing Paros-Antiparos

Every year on the first Saturday of July organized one of the biggest sporting events of the Cyclades, the crossing Paros - Antiparos, a feast for swimming, a challenge for young and old people, athletes or not. It is about the channel passage, between Punda Paros and Antiparos Port, 1453 meters long. Greek and foreign swimmers, children and adults with zest and vitality, swim every year for the first place or the warm applause of the crowd.


The Yacht Club of Antiparos organized the first cycling races on the island and since then every year cycling races are organized due the great interest of local people and tourists. As a result, on 15 and 16 July and also as part of celebrations of Saint Marina, the summer cycling appointment given and gather cyclists from around the world.

In addition, in early September, the mountain bike has its honor and the cycling round of the island is a challenge for lovers of nature. Our friends who love cycling can choose among many routes with different level of difficulty each. Bicycle rental shops are numerous, while prices vary depending on season and length of rental.

Of course, the use of the bicycle is a healthier and certainly more economy solution for the traveler who wants to visit the rest of Antiparos, beyond the village and the market and to come closer to nature and the countryside of the island.

Water sports

On the crystal waters of Antiparos, guests can enjoy more than sun and swimming. This wonderful island provides, among other things, appropriate infrastructures for water sports and addressed itself to professionals or beginners who want to test their strength, their limits and to spend pleasant times.

The visitors to our beautiful island can enjoy pedalo, canoeing, scuba diving, kayak, wind surfing and other water sports or games from early May until late September

If you already have the necessary equipment and you are familiar with the sea, you can simply choose the beach that suits you. Due to the topography of the island, there are many suitable beaches for surfing and diving, which are easy to discover by making the tour of the island.

If again you are a beginner, there are many organized beaches with professionals providing suitable equipment and help for many water games and sports. Of course, in the main street of Antiparos village, you will find two specialized marine equipment shops from which you can get whatever you need.


For lovers of the sea and fishing (snorkeling, pole, longline), Antiparos offers its rich sea bed, its easily accessible beaches (by land and sea) and a perfect weather. For the right equipment, you'll find in the pretty village of Antiparos specialized stores with fishing equipment.