discover antiparos


Antiparos or Oliaros, like characteristically reported by the geographer and historian Stravona, “seceded” from the land of Paros 4 million years ago when the great geological upheavals ultimately shaped the image of the Mediterranean Sea.

In Antiparos, the distinguishing crystal clear blue waters, sandy beaches, picturesque coves, caves and idyllic beaches composed a picture that the visitor can hardly forget.

Here, you can easily combine the crowded places with the absolute calm, always depending on the mood. It can also be combined the swimming with a tasty meal, the history and the nature, the sheltered beaches and the windy beaches. On the one side of the island, there are golden beaches with calm and on the other you can find vertical cliffs with caves shaped from the open sea and winds.

In every place of Antiparos you will also find taverns with local dishes and of course, many night bars that will keep steady the fun until the early morning hours.


Beaches of Antiparos are unique even if they are nearby, remote, accessible by car, on foot, by boat or even they are with stones, sand or rocks. The island is famous for its beautiful beaches, many of which have golden sand and blue waters.

At 8 km from the port the visitor come to us, in “our” beach Soros, as we call it, the biggest beach of Antiparos. Here is the "Ergina Summer Resort". Clean, wide beach with fine pebbles and deep waters. They all love it. Here you will find restaurants with traditional island cuisine. Shortly before, on “Mikros Soros” beach, the gravel will delight in those who are not fans of sandy beaches.

The most classic and crowded beaches are those of Psaralyki, which is accessed on foot from the town. They are organized and they have beach bars. A classic choice is also the beach of the campsite with its clear, turquoise waters and a place for nudism. Besides that, in Sifneikos beach that facing Sifnos island you can enjoy the unique Cycladic sunset.One of the most beautiful beaches is also Agios Sostis and Faneromeni, with aquamarine waters reminiscent the islands of Koufonisia.

By boat you will go to the isles of Despotiko -in largest of the three is the very wide and sandy Livadi beach- and Tiganakia between Paros and Antiparos, which have fine crystal turquoise waters. Furthermore, in St. George beach organizing excursions by kayak in "Epitaph" beach where you can see white vertical cliffs, turquoise waters and sea caves. Close enough is the “Cave of the seal” where seals swim in the bay of Despotiko, earn their heads and often greet the dolphins.

If you want to enjoy the view of the whole north coast of Antiparos, have to cross the narrow passage from Theologos beach to the uninhabited Feira islands, opposite of the Vorino cape. The depth of the sea, estimated at half a meter and reason for a rare wet walk, open to exploration.


“Katafigi” Cave
The “Katafigi” cave in the center of the island is the main tourist attraction. Known since ancient times, been a shelter for famous, or not, persons in difficult times through history. Here hid Macedonians who conspired against Alexander the Great. The cave was also visited by King Otto and Amalia, the ambassador of France in Constantinople Marquis Nouantel and last but not least the Parian poet of the 7th century BC Archilochus. Indeed, many of them left their signatures in impressive stalagmites formations that stand even today. The area has been designed to accept visitors. The stairs are a bit steep and requires caution, especially if you have children with you, but the cave really worth the visit. At the entrance, up on the rocks, stands the 18th century church of St. John Spilioti, with remarkable frescoes.

Agios Georgios - Despotiko
A complex of three uninhabited islands where in recent years conducted excavations with great antiques finds. Trips by boat and kayak are organized on a daily base. South of the beach of St. George opposite the Despotiko island, Antiparos reveals a coast full of white cliffs and caves.

Affiliated to the settlement of Antiparos, the castle offered for a walk. The entrance is next to the Cathedral of St. Nicholas. Crossing the entrance will immediately put yourself in another era, centuries ago. Within this enclosed space, in residential homes, the eyes of the visitor falls in walled Venetian coats of Lorentano family.


Guests of Antiparos can explore the hidden beaches of the island by their own or just go boating by renting a small boat. Lovers of nature can enjoy hiking in coastal and mountain areas with beautiful view or can visit the cave of the island which is one of the most interesting sights. Furthermore, excursion boats sail around the island, revealing to visitors pristine beaches and smaller islands with emerald waters.

Also a great way to enjoy the sea is cruises. In Antiparos there are many companies that offer intra-day or day trips, either in "hidden" and unexplored beaches and caves of the island, or the islands of the Systada or even in neighboring Cycladic islands such as Paros, Naxos, Mykonos and Santorin .


In the village of Antiparos you will find a wide range of choices for shopping, satisfying the most difficult tastes. In the central pedestrian zone, which is filled with charming little shops, you can do your shopping in clothing and footwear shops, local products, accessories and jewelry, handmade arts and tourist shops.


The common feature of the nightlife of Antiparos with the other islands of the Cyclades is the party that can last until the early hours and of course, the variety of musical options for all tastes.

The beach parties, festivals, cultural events and concerts that been organized during the summer by the City of Antiparos, offer great recreational experience for visitors. At the same time, there are many choices for romantic and peaceful nights.